In-game name: Eurreka

Eveterminal.io was created to handle my own use case (primarily exporting goods from Jita to other locations). My main goals are to aid discovery of trading locations, finding what items sell there and handling management of stock in various locations.

I do not currently run any ads on the site (and hopefully won't need to any time soon) but I do cover the costs of the server myself, it is currently on the more expensive side while I migrate to a more cost-efficient setup but should become a reasonable amount after. I have not currently set up any way to donate to help cover the server costs, however it is something I aim to do in the future for those that want to help support.

In the meantime any in-game donations are more than welcome and greatly appreciated as development cuts into my time spent actually generating isk.

I am very open to feedback/suggestions/ideas/bug reports or even just a note to let me know how you use the site, feel free to mail me in game.

You can join the discord if you want to discuss anything in real time.